Let's get things straight: Man is an animal, a corporation of cells, of lucas.

Our Last Universal Common Ancestor tells us
First Universal Common Knowledge:
The Alternative to Capitalism

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I started because I saw people suffering around me. I'm really a happy person. And I feel guilty because I'm so happy in this environment. Therefore it is impossible for me to stay calm, just like: "I'm happy, and I don't care about the others." I'm happy, so I want to do something for other people. I'm basically an optimistice person, and if I want to stay like that, I have to do something. It's that simple. It's something inside that makes you act. To take a breath, you must do something. It's the same for everybody. It's not a matter of thinking. It's a matter deep in our heart. You feel a need, and you're restless inside - it's like an instinct.

I love life and freedom too much to stay silent, and therefore I join forces with anyone who is defending life and freedom. You can't have life if you have to buy life. You can't have life if you are not for peace.

Everybody must be enabled to say: I have the space for really doing what I want. This is the case with the unconditional basic income. Then everybody can take himself/herself not so seriously and others more seriously.

Every community has problems. But first thing is not importing material or intellectual solutions to these problems. Give us space to be able to explore the possibilities within our own environment. Win back the plazas where people can exchange their stories and ideas. Creativity and productivity result from such spaces, not from money and consumption. If people were not so greedy and could be happy with some of the good things of life, like friendship, just a few possessions, then our world would be able to survive. If we could give up greed, even the greedy people would be able to have happier lives.

But we don't tell people, this or that is wrong. It is rather a question of helping people to come to realise that it is wrong. By discussion, by examining the pros and cons. Not because somebody from somewhere tells them: Stop!

People are uprooted from their village homes by false promises: big harvests through chemicals, easy money through factories. But wise farmers are trying to keep their environment free from pesticides so that they can get al different kinds of greens that are edible. Not only for themselves. Not just for their own survival. They are saying that we need to have trees where the birds can come. We need to have enough fruits so the birds can eat. And even the earthworm in the soil is important. Our dream in that world could be like a banyan tree. Now we have eucalyptus trees which grow higher and higher and don't let anything grow underneath. A banyan tree doesn't have very deep roots, but it spreads, it has branches. People can sit under it, people and birds  can take shelter. That kind of society is what we want, where more human relationship can be built, and people have a feeling of security, a place to rest in peace. A happy society, this is what we want.

Agriculture is to feed people where they really live. Agriculture is a regional economy. Politics is a aregional business. It is possible to be happy, self-respecting and confident in a village where people are in charge of their lives, have plans and a culture and an economy that are in their hands.

Building up visible or invisible barriers is not a way to survive. Injustice is not normal, not god-given. It's written by one set of people to suit their interests. And they maintain barriers, apartheid between the North and the South. You can't have a situation, let's say in Germany, where you have social justice, while at the same time in Africa you have social injustice. Human rights are universal values. You cannot have an island of prosperity in the midst of a sea of insecurity. So it is in our own interest to promote human rights elsewhere. People everywhere in the world have the right to be concerned about human rights anywhere else.
You can only be a person if you love your neighbour. The African humanist idea of Ubuntu means, you only can be a human being through other human beings, not all by yourself.

We seem to be locked into the agreement of market, commodities, neoliberalism. Then it doesn't really matter whether you change governments or not. So we have to rely on ourselves, on our movement, on the global justice movement. The true power lies at the grassroots level, in the social movement. We don't believe in political parties, in any leader. We seem to be locked in traditions which subject one part of mankind to the other, for example female genital mutilation. Therefore we don't take any tradition for granted, we scrutinise them by our own personal values.
Foto: CC Rennett Stowe
We should act according to the rhythm of nature and not subject our nature to our to our rhythm. Convenience is measured in money and not in solidarity, not in reciprocity, not in personal happiness. One measures in material goods. That's why there is stress, why there are suicides, because people are looking for something, and this something is spiritual peace.

As we seem to have conquered the earth, the whole has to be taken into account: the earth and our interaction with the earth. This account is devastating, outrageous, broke. So we have to make a whole of it again, heal it, make a holy commitment. Let's call this  our spirituality.

Where does socialism come from?

In nature, there are movements and countermovements. Where there is capitalism, there is socialism. It doesn't come from anywhere; it is there. How to recognise it?

There are people who are so much happy and content by themselves that they want to share. Happy and content: They only want their sensual needs to be satisfied: individual development, no worry about food and home security, solving problems sensibly. Having settled adequately, they are busy in forming new, adequate communities. Such individuals are everywhere, and they promote the countermovement to capitalism.