Life: Knowing when to relax and when to move under self-control







You see, fellow creatures, I live here among men, in a sanatorium..







Wolkenförmige Legende: What                                                         a won											derf







Animals understand all human tongues.













                     Man stripped of a stable eco-system soon turns primitive.




Humans are like locusts: They strip the earth bare.




Keep animal, keep easy, for example huskies: We only want to pull a sledge.





Ovale Legende: What I cannot teach my three children: to follow me in a single file. Among animals, this works without a manual of education.


             Animals need no society, they’ve got their clan.


Men, especially men in capitalism, waste most of the time of their life in being committed with their


partnership        They think of sex, they work on sex and how to enjoy it best. They work on partner relationship. They don’t care about their family, tribe, community.


metabolism        They think of a diet. They work on a diet. They keep to a diet. They have bowel movements. They don’t just shit.


livelihood            They think of their keep. They work for their keep. They prostitute themselves for their keep. They cultivate their keep. They don’t just live on what nature provides.


Virtually, men almost have no time to live. Some of them realise this at the end of their life when it’s too late.


Men have a harder time than other animals. Their individual past which they carry along with their body is psychologically more under strain than that of other animals.


A fish shouldn’t want to fly.

Man shouldn’t want to be more than an animal.



Animals need no society, they’ve got their clan.






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