Beware of men!













There are still some sane animals among the humans: no competition, no performance, no deal, just to satisfy the sensual needs of animals. For which the earth provides all resources:

v                     Berta Beecken

v                     people of Bornholm

v                     people of the Third World

v                     people’s global action







                                                                                                                                 This human being was killed by her kin, because she associated with us.                                                                                        



Fee Czisch: We humans are screwed-up animals. We have lost our instincts. We have to learn everything again.


We cattle tell humans:

Those who mostly lie on soft mattresses

give a good performance.
























You want to carry on.



You want to return to the start.


You want to go to a free zone.


You want to got the US way.








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