Beware of men!




































































They got an idea that there is something wrong with their view of the world. So they sing a







So there is the world, this world.
The world of stoplights, non-smoking signs, the rental world, the owned world.
The world of language, the world of lies.

Let me tell you of when the world went wrong.
Let me tell you of rage and accusation, of disappearances, of disappointments.
And of lies.

Let me tell you of love that turned into poison.
Let me tell you of the sun that stopped warming us and started burning.
Let me tell you of friends who turned into enemies.
And of betrayals.

Do we understand the events that make us who we are?
When we sleep at night, when we walk across a city, when we tell small lies,
when we make love.
What acts of surgery are happening to our souls?
Where is our soul?
Does anybody know?

We are guilty of holding on too tight and thinking this was believing.
We are guilty of the dirt we created and didn't want to see.
We are guilty of not being satisfied.
We are guilty of believing what we saw on TV.
We are guilty of pretending to be someone else.
We are guilty of lying, killing, destroying.

How did we let the world arrive at this state?

Is this it?
I mean, is this it?

Am I mad?

Is anybody out there? Is anybody out there?

I get exhausted thinking there must be more.







Ok, they had some remorses. On October 13, 2002, they invited us to the American cathedral in Paris. But that won’t do.







 Man by himself is a sufficient reason for mourning.














You want to carry on.



You want to return to the start.



You want to go to a free zone.


You want to go the US way.