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Look at our fellow creatures, the humans. They call themselves primates, but they were the last on this planet. Locked up in cells as singles, they have become like this. When they reach the status of our everday life (60 % sleep, 20 % looking around, 20 % reproduction), they call it Love, Holidays, Christmas, Ramadan Ö


Whyare some despaired when they have enough to drink, to eat, to shelter? Why do some hold hands when the rejoice? Why can some not stop hoarding goods and gold when they have got enough? Why do some submit themselves to other humans when this means death?


Because they want to leave their prison, but they are not intelligent enough to do it successfully, to do it in reality. They live in a fictitious world.


You see, they want to stay where they are as we do. But due to drought and devastation made by themselves they have to move from one place to another, just around the globe. They also have to move because they find nobody to submit themselves to, to work as they say. This is the distress of most of them: moving around without sense, like a prisoner in his courtyard.









































Donít they look funny, with their bare bodies and second skins? Pity them.






They make sex because they feel lonely, not because they feel hot.

























































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