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Welcome to KT.

Welcome to Karl-Heinz Thier.

Welcome to the world of KT.

You enter the free zone of democracy,

_______________________of socialism,

_____________free from capitalism,

_____________free from merchandising.

Settle down in yourself.

Your home is wherever you settle down among friends. So your home cannot be in capitalism.

Come to peace with your nature.

Accept your nature.

Be nature.

Then you are open to the public.

Then you are a benefit to humanity.

You want to, don't you?

There is life beyond capitalism.

Life is beautiful.

Democracy is beautiful.

Socialism is beautiful.

Small is beautiful.

You are beautiful.

Start socialism with yourself.

You can do it if you really want.

And if you are sane.

If you are not prone to capitalism.

(If you are there is some therapy.)

Take those seriously who are there (who've got an identity). Take the others for therapy.

Capitalism means insanity.

Democratic education: Let the people try. Don't tell them what's good for them. Don't graft your life upon others.


__________play unlimited

__________test all their abilities

__________grow up in emotional care

__________take responsibility in an early stage

__________keep their identity and community

will become sane people,

are creative and initiative against capitalist mainstream,

provide the real progress in civilisation,

and therefore - irony of fate - are the backbone of capitalism,

as long as they comply,

as long as they commit to capitalism.

Give them water to ease. Give them pumpkins to live. Give them leisure to think.

Life is beautiful.

Beautiful people of the world, unite!

United people of the earth:

Just neglect capitalism.

Live, don't talk.

No words, but action.

And sleep, much sleep.

Don't believe in promises. Don't believe in advertising. Just believe in the moment, in what you can do now.

Your are socialism.

Spread it across the earth.

As Africans spread their joy of life.

Back to your origin.

Back to Africa.

You belong to the earth. The earth doesn't belong to you.

The people is me

_____________sound and sane

_____________a chimpanzee

_____________impeaching the president

_____________impeaching the power

My world is freedom and democracy.

Where is your world?

Your are the people, too!

There is plenty to eat.

Get it. Get it for free. The earth is free for everybody!

Get rid of capitalism.

Enjoy life.

Never do what you don't like.

You are free to enjoy life or to jump off the tower.

Small is beautiful.

You are beautiful.

Socialism is where people can smile.

Life is revolution by itself.

Who lives, abolishes capitalism.

Well, you occidental tribe,

most of you are dying,

sorry for you, bye-bye.

Black humans are better in sports than white. Well, black humans are also more intelligent.

For a benefit to mankind, your mind must be open and relaxed like that of a walkabout in Australia.

On this earth, there is no need to be corrupted by capitalism.

Look in his eyes, the man passing by.

Look in her eyes, the woman passing by.

Look in his eyes, the boy passing by.

Look in her eyes, the girl passing by.

Discover yourself

in your neighbour's eyes,

and act together:

Live on non-profit organisations, e.g. a communal cinema.

Produce yourself what you need, e.g. a free radio.

Just enjoy life,

_____________not life-style.

Enjoy life, as Rosa Luxemburg did

_________as Jewel Kilcher does

_________as Anna Rosmus does

_________as Olga Havlova did

_________as Leslie Marmon Silko does

_________ as Violeta Parra did

_________as Rigoberta Menchù does

_________as Nazim Hikmet did

_________as Victor Jara did

_________as Erich Fromm did

_________as Karl Marx did

_________as Albert Einstein did

_________as Gustav Landauer did

If you feel free,

if you feel at home,

you don't need a state,

you don't need a nation.

If you grow yourself,

you don't need economic growth.

If you walk yourself,

you don't need progress.

Realise what's going on in yourself. There is only one sovereign: nature.

You cannot dodge yourself. There is no way around you. There is no shortcut to happiness.

Never obey men. Ever obey nature. If you don't obey nature, you start dying.

(Work in progress. For further pages of SocialismKT see below.)

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