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Forward to Socialism

In Germany, there are already

·         no-smoking restaurants

·         no-smoking coaches

·         cooperatives (no-profit production)

·         housing communities who are explicitly against living in couples

·         men who no longer support parliamentary democracy (40 % non-voters, donation parliaments, plebiscites)

·         free, self-governed schools

·         free, self-governed housing communities

In Germany, there is no longer a law against

·         pandering

·         abortion

·         illegitimate children

In the capitalist world, there are already men

·         who no longer support trade, free trade, competition

·         who, having been satisfied, think of their neighbours

·         who, having accumulated riches, transfer them to the people, not to their children

The number of children goes down with well-off families.

The number of smokers goes down with well-off people.

You are no longer bound to an overlord.

You are no longer bound as a couple.

Politicians and judges have to explain their decisions in public and rationally.

There are women who can communicate with female chimpanzees on a mother to mother level.

The antarctic regions and the moon don't belong to anybody.




1st European Youth Congress, Lübeck, Germany, October 1999

Encounter the capitalist principles

"Everybody fighting each other"

"Buy what you want"

By the following principles:

·         Allow children and youngsters to live and to work together, e.g. to build their playgrounds and to furnish their houses together.

·         Allow children and youngsters to answer the question: How can I, together with others, produce myself what I need?



Just help yourself ... The very best in life is free.

North Germany, December 1999

Michail Gorbachov and Mahatma Gandhi have been voted for the men of the century: socialists, mind you.


New trends in Germany: Children store away their gameboys, videoplays and toys for three months to play on their own, to realise their needs, to empower themselves against drugs, against capitalism.



Democracy ahead!


In Germany, you already can vote Miss Germany online. This people’s vote is only one vote in the jury, though, but things can improve, cann’t they? Some day, the Germans vote their government online. No parties, no clans, no corruption needed any longer.





We have 10.000 cultures in the world, but only 200 nation-states. Nation-states belong to the past. The older ones of the North have been superseded by transnational corporations, so their identities are obsolete, but at the same time we see the emergence of many small identities around the world. The nation-state can no longer provide security for its people.

We are weak because we were trained to fight with the same weapons that they use to dominate us. But we cannot fight with the same weapons; we cannot extinguish fire with fire.

If we continue using formal currencies like dollars, yen, euros or pesos, we are always trapped on this mega-machine of producing money from nothing: money that doesn't represent value any more. What it represents are speculation, greed, usury, accumulation and criminal mafias.

Luis Lopezllera



Socialism: Being sovereign of your life.



Don’t tell me the time!

A new mentality is spreading across the earth: co-operative production rather than the capitalist form with every one on his own bit of land. Integrated life in a village rather than the capitalist form with everyone being torn apart in his daily life. Popular diplomacy rather than the capitalist form of leaving politics to the experts. Leonardo Boff: “The human family discovers itself as human family.”








In capitalism, you only can unite on a revolutionary basis. (Ingeborg Bachmann)



"Money does not matter", capitalists say as regards their personal satisfaction. Why should it matter with you? Don't believe in money, don't believe in trade. Provide yourself, live on a self-sustaining level. Share the affluence of nature with your friends.





The black would  say: When you think of the white, you think of forced labour.


It's not the touch of your hand, it's your solidarity.



Leo Trotzky: "Life is beautiful. Coming generations may purge it of all evil, of oppression and of violence. Coming generations may enjoy life completely."





Matthias Horx (sociologist): Small (corporations) will be beautiful. The subjugated of this society (e.g. women) will come up in the future, because they are more intelligent/innovative than those in power. International thinking, not national thinking will resolve the problems in the near future.





Gradually the perception is spreading to the top: Decentralise! Small is beautiful! Politicians realise: 1. Production of beef and pork in small units is more economic than mass-production. 2. Small unit power/heat-stations are more economic than power plants. 3. The administration of a small number of flats is more economic than the administration of a house-tycoon’s property. 4. Culture is regional: The Amber people produce local films whereas Ken Coach is still travelling around the earth.











Have you ever heard of the First Conference on a Culture of Peace in 2000? It took place in Madrid. Nobel laureates, prominent activist, former heads of state and government, military leaders and humanist from around the world discussed four contracts for building a culture of peace. While warfare and carbondioxide increase, some people start building a socialist society, socialism being a matter of culture and peace, not of competition, bargaining, and war:


1.   Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former UN secretary-general

2.   Adolfo Suarez, former Spanish prime minister

3.   Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo, former Spanish prime minister

4.   Shimon Peres, Nobel Prize winner

5.   Soyinka Wole, Nobel Prize winner

6.   Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Nobel Prize winner

7.   Emma Bonino, former European commissioner

8.   Juan Jose Ibarretxe, president of the autonomous government of Spain’s Basque Country

9.   Jordi Pujol, president of the autonomous government of Spain’s Catalonia

10.                  Michael Van Walt, Peace Action Programme of the Netherlands

11.                  Pierre Sane, Amnesty International secretary-general

12.                  Carmen Ria, director of the Caracas Ateneo

13.                  Bertrude Mongelia, a women’s activist from Zanzibar

14.                  Mariana Vardinoyannis, president of the Greek Foundation for the Child and the Family

15.                  Miguel Alonso Baquer, Spanish general

16.                  Danielle Mitterand, president of France Libertes

17.                  Jorge Nieto, director of Mexico’s International Centre for a Democratic Culture

18.                  Fidel Castro Diaz Balart, Cuban nuclear physicist

19.                  Vigdis Finnbogadottir, former president of Iceland

20.                  Januzs Symonides, director of Poland’s Human Rights Centre

21.                  Mario Soares, former Portuguese president


The conference was inaugurated by King Juan Carlos of Spain. The gathering was the first activity organised by the Foundation for a Culture of Peace, presided over by Frederico Mayor Zaragoza, former director-general of UNESCO, and by Anaisabel Prera Flores, a former Guatemalan education minister.


Mayor Zaragoza: The culture of peace consists of assuming a day-to-day commitment to behaving in a peaceful manner. A cultural transformation must take place among all and with the cooperation of all, particularly the chief social actors: educators, parliamentarians, mayors, the media and social communication professionals. The 20th century was characterised by strong contrasts. Accelerated progress in science, sweeping advances in communications, and innovations in technology – unprecedented in the history of mankind – contrasted with the poverty, exclusion and neglect of so many human beings. The century that we have left behind was the most civilised and the most barbaric, the most enlightened and the darkest in history. These lights and shadows are a cause for reflection. Presently, 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty and 80 percent of the wealth of our planet is in the hands of only 20 percent of the population. We deplore the indiscriminate exploitation of natural nuclei of social interaction (family, workplace, community), and the growth of scepticism and nihilism. An era of certainty and dogma has given way to an ocean of uncertainty and doubt since the Cold War. The underprivileged struggle between life and death. The world which today is globalising is in reality a world that is becoming more self-centred and detached. Peace is the deepest aspiration of mankind, and achieving that requires changing course, in order to move from “might is right” to the strength of reason, in defence of peace and life against violence and death.


The first proposed contract addresses the relationship between the processes of production, distribution and consumption, and the disparity to which they have given rise at the global level.


The second contract addresses environmental issues. It is necessary because if we do not take action in time, our environmental legacy to future generations will leave much to be desired, having been weakened and, in certain circumstances, partially destroyed.


The third contract is cultural. It is aimed at developing the unique and irreplaceable potential of human creativity, the fertile substrate of all civilisations. An exaggerated and exclusive sense of cultural identity has emerged in many places. Some specialists predict that this is the area in which new conflicts will arise during the new millennium.


The fourth contract addresses the fact that technological, financial and economic criteria have achieved unprecedented influence, leading to the need for affirmative action in favour of the individual, the forgotten entity of globalisation. Scientific knowledge requires ethical and moral parameters to assure that progress will continue to benefit the individual and society.













Back to Nature

·         No need anymore to express my suffering by fine arts.

·         Top priority to the question: What is common sense? What is sensible? What do I sensibly need?

o        take a rest

o        move

o        nourish myself

o        communicate

o        take a rest

o        move

o        nourish myself

o        communicate

o        take a rest

o        move

o        nourish myself

o        communicate

o        take a rest

o        move

o        nourish myself

o        communicate

o        take a rest



The creatures on earth


Sure, most creatures go for the look of their sexual partners, but since most men and women are mentally ill, they want more, in fact they are insatiable. Therefore men and women shouldn't go for the look, but for the inside: What are the expectations? How far is she/he able to carry herself/himself? How far is she/he free from the expectations of her/his fellow creatures?


Are things on earth going for good of for bad, as regards men and women? The regime of capitalism forces people to lower their living standard below the level of all creatures: sustainable to the earth. Men and women won't, however, accept this violence, and stand up against it. Wars are logical to capitalism.


Socialism is the voluntary return to a living standard, sustainable to earth and for the benefit of the people hitherto exploited and pauperized. Return to nature, because it's sane and sensible. Peace of mankind is logical to socialism.


You see, other animals don't need a doctor or a psychiatrist. Do you think, this is good for them or bad?





You don't need much for living, but for postponing death. An African would rather die than live in a cell of skyscraper. An African would rather die than sell his or her self.

You'll die some way or other. But you need not die as a coward. Most people in capitalism die as cowards because they rather sell their selves than die. This is understandable, but it's not life.


The Invincibles


You may dispossess them of their favourite books, of their songs, of their facilities. You cannot dispossess them of their skills, their intelligence, their sanity. Even if you dispossess them of their land, their freshwater, their food, their friends, they will die in dignity, because dignity is no property, but their nature.





Hey, folks, you know why you like jazz?

It means freedom to you. Freedom has been brought to you from Africa: the freedom to move on your own, to dance on your own, to sing on your own, to play music on your own, and to come together whenever you like. No longer clinging to each other when dancing, no longer the forced discipline of a symphony orchestra or an opera, no longer such artificial behaviour.

And it means sadness. Sadness about the cruelties insane people can inflict upon mankind. Sadness of forgotten times when man conceived himself as part of nature. Singing in the Blues.

Give way to your feelings. Don't feel inhibited. Don't be such a neurotic as the white are. Live on a modest level. Keep your dignity and your common sense, your sense of community. De-dentralise, disarm, demobilise, deindustrialise! See yourself in your neighbour!

Well, the less developed countries are out of Africa.



What I feel is what I am.




Remember: You’ve got the right to live.





Sometimes you retreat to a toilet.

Sometimes you unite for making love.

But between these events,

there are many other things to be done.

So there is no need to live as a single,

no need to live as a couple.




A message to all animals on earth: Beware of men!



Holidays, High Church, High Culture, High Tech: Who is stricken with such extreme fits, must suffer from extreme torments. Honestly, do you need a castle as George Harrison does, or do you rather suffer from capitalist society?



In the civilised world, there are civilised and uncivilised people. Beyond the civilised world, there are bonobos, chimpanzees, and humans.




I would give away any civilisation for meeting an ice-bear, face to face in the Arctic.


Hauke Trinks


It's good for your soul if you can walk outdoors and need not stay in the prison of your office or your home.

(Marty Kuluguqtuq)


In Germany, there is much xenophobia. In Africa, there is no xenophobia.


Man is not the emperor of the earth. He must regard himself as part of nature.(Egon Bahr)




Nature interferes with capitalism/economic growth by normal accidents/natural catastrophes induce by capitalist behaviour.




Uwe Weinzierl (German farmer, natural horsemanship): Horses are better than men.



Enjoy life, stay sober.


Having crossed Antarctica

Michael Cohen, seeing home Anne Bancroft and Liv Arnesen on February 4, 2001:

What an amazing day we've had! For starters, the temperature was a balmy 65 degrees as the sun beamed brilliantly in a nearly cloudless sky. Donning shorts and t-shirts, we sat on the upper deck basking in the sun while reading and listening to the guitar stylings of Dal and Barnaby. It was like 'Spring Break' or the day after final exams. Then, just after dinner as the sun was dipping toward the horizon, Captain Craig, made an excited announcement, "Attention. There is a pod of at least 100 dolphins off starboard...and they're headed this way folks!" We raced to the deck as the dolphins converged on the bow of the ship. It was incredible how many there were. They swam in braided patterns just beneath the surface and then, in a splash of seafoam, sailed out of the water, the orange glow of the setting sun reflecting off their shiny bodies. Not to be left out of the fun, a flock of wandering albatrosses suddenly appeared. They gracefully skimmed just above the gently rolling waves. We rushed around the deck, pointing, laughing and taking pictures as fast our camera shutters would snap. We were giddy. And when the sun finally disappeared beneath the horizon, sending rose and violet beams of light through peach-colored clouds like the cover of a gospel music album, we nearly applauded. This was the perfect grand finale to our Antarctic experience.




along the everlasting laws


will help you


solve your













Have you ever heard of Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft? Two women on their way to the South Pole at the dawn of the new century. Pulling their sledge, sailing their sledge. They like skiing cross country and downhill. They like handiwork. They are still in contact to the earth. They are inspired by ordinary people.


Lic led the first unsupported woman’s expedition across the Greenland Ice Cap, in 1992. She was the first woman to ski solo to the South Pole, in 1994. In 1996, she climbed Mt. Everest to within 1067 meters of the summit. Ann was the first woman to the North Pole, in 1986. In 1992, she climbed Mt. McKinley in Alaska. In 1993, she led the American Woman’s Expedition to the South Pole.


They don’t want to dominate nature. They live in respect of nature. They live as parts of nature. Joy of life and self-confidence emanate from them. Like from the people of Africa. That’s why they like movies like “Out of Africa” or “Walkabout”. Progress of modern society still being dubious, we certainly have lost values since we left Africa, where we all come from.




Nature: Follow me.


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