Forward to Socialism 3




To localise production is a possible solution to globally blurring between bread resources und energy resources.





The Danish rather renounce economic growth if thus they can become more contented.


Annie Lennox: I cannot handle it. So I wrote a song on it.





When people are very desperate they are not to stop.




A New way of thinking spreads across the world:


I prefer my home to the big wide world.




I prefer a simple and a good life to becoming rich.




We are not in for competition and export. We just secure  our food.




I feel happy, and I want other people to feel happy.



Are genes our fate? Changing habits can change genetic structures.


If you want to change the world you have to change elementary schools.

A few can make a difference.


For whom? For me, because nobody else is interested.



To satisfy

your sensual needs

every moment


on what nature provides.






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