Plain Capitalism 3




Entertainment and sex shall make you forget that you live in capitalism:



Shut up and sing!


Shut up and have sex!









Life is hard in capitalism. You get easily mixed up. You get socialised economically. You get socialised psychologically.


Economically, you easily forget that there is something apart from barter and trade: share!


Psychologically, you easily focus on sex, i.e. on living as a couple. You forget that being socialised in a psychological sense means community – either you find one or you create one.






One  night in court cells costs you as much as a Ritz suite.





A new Carbon Committee will be set up under the legislation, but its powers are
















To pay or not to pay?

It’s a question of class.












 You only can say “That’s not my world!”, if you live in another world. Otherwise you seriously get into psychic difficulties.



Neoliberalism As Water Balloon from Tim McCaskell on Vimeo.



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