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If you are not singlised, if you only take what you need, if all this is provided by nature, if your community appreciates your individuality, you need not labour, you need not compete, you need no appreciation by competition, you need no capitalism.






To people in capitalism:

v                  Life is not: Living together with one person. But: Living in a community.

v                  Life is not sex, but to have a good life. Donít hide you sexual characteristics and your sexual urge lest they are the centre of your life.

v                  Life is not money, but to have enough to eat, to drink, and to shelter yourself.


The rationale behind capitalism (maintenance of a profitable economy) leads to wrong socialism (limits to consumption, regulated consumption) which they reject: In hot summers, power stations in California have to appeal for voluntary restriction of consumption. Since this doesnít work, they introduced regulated consumption.


In socialism, people do not consume more than they need for a decent life. In a world of modest consumption, there is no need of restrictions.


Freedom for smokers indoors? For dog-owners outdoors in town? For tourists in Africa? For European shoppers in USA?
















It pays to relax dress code.


It pays to introduce siesta.


It pays to allow self-management.


It pays to have happy employees.


It pays to have unconditional basic income.


It pays to have self-providing communities.


It pays to abolish trade.


In Germany, two thirds of the electorate think no party can tackle the problems of the country.


Living in brotherhood and helping each other

without any form of self-enrichment.

Why do you need Christian or Islamic banking for that? Why do you need money for that at all?

Climate change must be tackled by modest living in the developed countries and by providing opportunities of modes living in the developŪng countries and in the lower class of the developed countries. No longer the ďcomfortĒ of the developed countries: no cheap private cars, no cheap flights, no cheap holidays, no cheap food and clothes. Everything more than a modes living must be regarded obscene and criminal.








Love? What else could it be than sexual attraction? You donít know her/him yet. With people whom you know for a long time, itís trust, itís solidarity. Itís solidarity within a group what you are loooking for. Because itís for the long run, for you life. Itís solidarity in the first place. Donít forget that.


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