The longer you relax, the more you think






To the People


If you want to get moving out of capitalism you have to observe some laws of capitalism:

  You must never do what you like to. So try to keep up your joy of life every moment, even if you purport to follow capitalist goals for your subsistence.

  You have to see the world as a collection of private properties. So forget about properties (of women, estates, states ). Share what you produce in common, forget about trafficking, money, economic competition, state, economic growth, capitalism, fascism

  Urbanisation: Your future is in a city. So try to remain in a rural district. Remember the advantages of growing up with the same people, participating in a limited group, breathing fresh air.

  You have to fight for yourself. So stick to your community, create a new one, or find a new one. Take this for your paramount goal, miles away from sex, partner, marriage or other forms of loneliness.

  You have to depend on external power. So, as an individual, dont rely on loans, dont rely on drugs, as a state, dont rely on exports. Rely on yourselves, on your common production.


As you have noticed, you do what you like sometimes, you share things sometimes, you like the countryside sometimes, you act collectively sometimes, you rely on yourself sometimes. Capitalist laws must not be taken apodictically. Otherwise you would be dead. Capitalism has survived up till now only because you behave in a socialist way, whatever small. Now, moving out of capitalism means to broaden and expand this way, individually and worldwide.


Socialist behaviour taken for a sane society, and capitalist behaviour taken as a mental disease, can serve you as a gauge for judging yourself, and judging others, especially candidates. Have a different look at the world, the  people and yourself.





There is no other way than to return to yourself, you small creature.



Having survived a genocide is a punishment or a commitment?









Born on Earth, like every species human beings have the right of food and drink, unconditionally, and they are committed to respect every individuals way of life. However, there are the limits of nature: Humans are the most cruel creatures on earth. There is no need to kill each other. There is no need to hoard more than you can eat. Finding out the causes of this deviation from the development of other creatures is more important than flying to Mars or complying with economic benchmarks. Get the agenda right. Comply with the laws of nature.



Think more than you read. Move more than you think. Rest more than you move.




I am not only for carfree cities, but for a carefree life in the countryside.




Prostitutes dont want to be bribed, they want a fair pay.


Why are so many things going wrong in my life?

Because I submit myself unconsciously to the laws of capitalism (e.g.: each fighting the other) or because I dont rely on my senses which is the same.



Politics :

Stands and decisions are so complex nowadays

that they cannot just be communicated,

they have to be discussed.





Preferably for animals

Fr unsere deutschen Freunde


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