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The souring of attitudes toward America is a long-term and complex trend, but the second war in Iraq appears to have crystallised some underlying feelings and deepened resentments. The Pew Research Center in Washington, a private organisation that studies public trends in politics and the media, found in its large-scale survey conducted in May of 2003, that the successful overthrow of Saddam Hussein has exacerbated the negative feelings, rather than helping America's standing.


Similarly, America's leading role within the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in setting harsh terms for heavily-indebted developing countries had fed the backlash against American-style capitalism, not only on the streets of Buenos Aires and Jakarta, but at the highest levels of economic thought. Notably, former World Bank Chief Economist and Nobel Economics Laureate George Stigler has criticised the imposition of tough terms on governments that may have inherited difficulties from corrupt regimes that had been supported by America.




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You are permitted to break democratic rules if it’s for “a good cause”.

You are permitted to commit crimes if thus money is funded for “a good cause.”






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