At the end of day


No, itís not a tear,

itís just a tickle in my eye,

at the end of day,

remembering you and you and you,

and all the lovely songs you wrote,

I know

you tried hard and I tried less,

because I didnít want to be

a success.

No, itís not a tear,

itís just a tickle in my eye,

at the end of day.





Is it on bridges

that we like to live,

safe but in reach

of discovering the strange,

head forward

giving up yourself?

Stranger in the light,

be free to jump the water,

to be a bridge yourself.



The Rainbow


Did you see the rainbow

when I was piddling in the rails at night,

the tube approaching me?

Relieving nature from distress,

let it be

what you are,

not more,

not less.









Iíve seen life,

and I have lived.

So why should I

be sad?


Have a try,

Have a go,

Have a doodledidoe.




Suddenly one moment

which they pleased to call

the 21st century,

some creatures on planet Earth


that they were mad

and turned themselves




the time of our life



hiding under the bodies of the dead




He is nice to himself, not to his drugs.


There wonít be anything new about mankind: small realms of happiness and big catastrophes.






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